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Acoustiguide at MCN 2014


In November Acoustiguide attended the Museum Computer Network (MCN ) conference in Dallas.  There a few weeks before the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, some of us made time to visit Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum , to revel in the history and poignancy of the site.

But the main event, naturally, was the conference itself, and our panel session, “More than Words: Storytelling and the Mobile App Experience.” The panelists were Julie Guinard, from the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Center , Susan Wigodner, from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum , and Don Strand, from the Amoureux House in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.

They addressed the experience of telling politically-sensitive (or politically-charged), emotional and occasionally challenging stories within a mobile tour and mobile app format…and how we worked together to overcome those challenges, from a narrative and design perspective.

You can find the YouTube session here.

One light-hearted post-script to this conference: the first night saw the presentation of the “Ignite” talks. The one that got the most applause, the loudest laughter, and the most fervent head-nodding was by Maxwell Anderson, the Director of the Dallas Museum of Art. It’s a must-see for anyone working in the field. Check it out here.