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Salute! We’ve just revealed our brand-new Wireless Charging Cabinet at Acoustiguide’s HQ

Just in time for the upcoming Jewish holidays, Acoustiguide’s Israel-based HQ team gathered today to toast the company's latest in-house innovation: our proprietary Wireless Charging Cabinet.

Developed with the museum visitor in mind, Acoustiguide's new system offers a set of robust (yet attractive!) components designed to protect and support a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf players and devices for audio and multimedia tours that can also satisfy the specific requirements of a site and its visitors.

One of these solutions is a stand-alone Wireless Charging Cabinet. Compatible with Acoustiguide’s in-house devices as well as off-the-shelf devices ranging from iPod 5 to Samsung Note 3, this charging cabinet offers ease-of-operation and convenience like never before! This modular solution allows for reliable and easy charging of multiple devices at the same time. Simply put each individual unit in its compatible nest in the cabinet, and voila! charge away! No wiring or external connectors are needed.

When he introduced this new technology to the team, Acoustiguide’s CTO and the "proud father" of the Wireless Charging Cabinet, Shmuel Shalem, said: “I am very happy to launch this new product. Gone for good are the maintenance issues once required for devices using physical connectors. No more cleaning, straightening pins or replacing connectors! Reliable for maintenance, smooth and easy for operators, this is a major step forward."

Soon to be featured in sites near you!