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People You’ll Meet at Museums and the Web 2015…Introducing Agnès Alfandari!

You may already know Alfandari from the Louvre, where she was Head of their Digital Department…perhaps you saw her present her findings on their Nintendo project at last year’s Museums and the Web in Baltimore. But this year she’s attending the conference in a new professional capacity: as Acoustiguide’s Vice President of Digital Strategy and Head of futureM, Acoustiguide’s new consulting group.

Alfandari joined Acoustiguide after working at the Louvre for some seven years, and before that, at the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (where she helped launch the websites of nearly twenty different museums operating under its umbrella), and once upon a time, as the producer of CD-ROMs (remember those?), on subjects of art and history. She describes herself as having ‘fallen into’ digital—because that’s what the zeitgeist called for…but her passion for art dates back to her university days, where she received a Master’s Degrees in Art History from the Sorbonne. She says, ‘My main focus was accessibility and how to make people aware of museums…how to make them closer to people… and how to connect people to art…”
Which brings us full circle to today-- what better place to accomplish that goal than Acoustiguide, we say! “I’m still trying to find a solution to attract more (and new) people to culture… and I think digital can be an answer to that. It’s not the only solution, of course, but with the help of mobile and social networks, we can create a connection between everyday life and what is happening in the museums.” She often cites this video, produced by the Rijksmuseum on the occasion of their 2013 re-opening, as a clever example of taking art outside the museum walls and making it accessible to people who might not otherwise visit a museum.

At FutureM, Alfandari will tap into the brain trust of Acoustiguide’s global creative teams and the company’s decades (half a century!) of expertise in the cultural sphere to consult on everything from marketing and membership, to the visitor experience, to organizational structuring and audience development, to creating new services and products beyond Acoustiguide’s apps and mobile tours.

More immediately, Alfandari, like all of us, is excited about heading to Chicago for MW2015. She’s on the Program Committee and is torn about which MW sessions to attend…

Data-driven Experience Design or Digital Storytelling ? Experience Design from Digital to Social or Digital Collections ? Most definitely she’ll be in the Exhibit Hall on the 9th to check out the demos, so come find her and say hello!

And if you’re ever in Paris (where Alfandari is based), here are a few off-the-beaten-path experiences she highly recommends:


The restaurant O Divin on the Rue Annelet

A great place to have tea

The Musée Gustave-Moreau

The Musée Eugene-Delacroix