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Museums VS. Farm Heroes: why produce special interactive applications and content for kids & families?


Museums all around the world today are facing the challenge of keeping kids engaged and avoid the dreaded “I’m bored” scenario. How can museums become a place for kids to explore, discover, learn and at the same time have fun?

Exposure to culture and the visual arts expands a child’s awareness of the world, promotes visual literacy and creative thinking skills. In order for museum to stay relevant and attract the younger generation they need to embrace technology, thereby create a museum experience that offers interactive and hands-on attractions, including: games, quizzes, riddles, quests and more.

A technology-based interface and special content can inspire kids to use their imagination and to create their own work or art.  By using a special interactive application in a museum, Educational institution or Historic and Heritage site, kids can encounter lively characters from the past, who will help guide them through an active- looking “zoom in” experience and explain complicated concepts in a kid-friendly manner, pose questions to kids that they can answer using a touch screen, and can share ‘secret’ information about the museum collections, ideas behind the art and techniques used to make the art.

Acoustiguide’s custom applications offer the most advanced technologies and special high-end features combined with fresh and humoristic storytelling skills. Using our mobile technologies, we encourage fun and playful experience. A few examples:

We developed a special application and content about the Aboriginal children in Canada (for the Legacy of Hope Foundation as part of an education program to promote understanding and awareness about residential schools). 

We produced a family tour for Musée d'Orsay, which featured children-friendly themes such as “animals in art”, “the strange world of the artists,” and more. It also includes quizzes, puzzles, memory-game and animation videos for each theme.

Musée d'Orsay App.jpg

In the Musée de l’Orangerie interactive multimedia application, we developed a variety of interactive educational features to encourage the children to look closely at the works of art. Along with the puzzle, the users had to identify the artist’s style and find the difference between two pictures.

Musée de l’Orangerie.jpg 

In the Wallace Collection interactive multimedia application, we developed a variety of interactive games, such as The Laughing Cavalier Game: by touching the screen the child can alter the facial expressions of The Laughing Cavalier, and by that, change his character.

 Wallace Collection.jpg

The “Palace of Tears” (Tränenpalast) interactive multimedia application educates visitors about history through games. This application offers various ways of exploring the history of divided Germany through the story of the border crossing station between East and West Germany. The user can try leaving East Berlin via the Palace of Tears by playing the game “Crossing the Border”.

Palace of Tears.jpg 

Acoustiguide's interactive applications give young audiences the tools they need to have fun, explore and learn ...and to come back to the museum again.