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Five Questions for Katrin Schwerdtfeger…Acoustiguide North America’s Director of Business Development


Acoustiguide North America is thrilled to introduce our newest colleague, Katrin Schwerdtfeger (let’s spare ourselves the typing and just call her Katrin from now on, ok????). Followers of Acoustiguide may know her already—for the last four years, she was the Head of Sales and Marketing in our Berlin office. So Katrin brings with her oodles of experience. She’s lived in the U.S. before and is eager to re-acquaint herself with New York, to share her knowledge and experience and to join a dynamic sales team in this rapidly-changing museum and cultural sphere.

So, without further ado, five questions for Katrin:

Q: What will you bring to Acoustiguide North America?

A: A lot of motivation, fresh input and know-how from the business overseas. The Berlin office is not only responsible for Germany but also The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most about moving to NYC?

A:  I love the idea of staying with Acoustiguide, a company I know very well, but getting to do it in a new place, with new people, and new challenges. We have a great team in NY and I hope to strengthen our position in the new media business.  Coming back to New York after ten years will be both familiar and strange: it’s a city I know well but it has changed so much since I’ve been gone. There will be lots of places to re-explore and new spots to discover. One of the first sites I want to visit is the 9/11 Memorial.  

Q:  What do you think will be the hardest about life here?

A. When I did my internship in New York, I arrived in the spring and left in November. This time I’m arriving in the middle of winter and…having lived in Berlin, let’s just say I have a lot of respect for this very dark and very cold season! I hope winter will be a bit more romantic here! JThe first few months will be the hardest. I hope to escape the winter blues by visiting my family in Vermont.

Q: What are your interests and passions? What kinds of things do you like to do when you're not at work?

A: I love to go running in the morning and to cook in the evenings. I am looking forward to seeing Off-Broadway shows and concerts in small venues.

Q: Describe yourself in three adjectives!

A: Authentic, open, happy, well-organized (these were four, but organized is compulsory for Germans…)

And… a Bonus Question:

Q: Do you have a few favorite English words or idioms?

A: “And I was like oh my god”! You hear this sentence in every conversation of young American students, sometimes three times in one sentence! J