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#MuseumIdeas Conference 2015 @ The Museum of London


Arriving into the Museum of London’s courtyard on October 1st morning, I can’t help but get excited for the day ahead of me. I am attending the #MuseumIdeas Conference - held by Museum-ID each year at the museum and notorious for hosting an exciting, if not eclectic, mix of innovative industry professionals. This year was no different, with speakers from museums as far afield as Australia, America and, of course, London.

The theme of the day: ‘Re-Imagining Museums’ – with speakers giving their thoughts on how museums can stay relevant in the 21st century. Kicking off the event, speaker Kaywin Feldman invited us to always question our dominant logic if we wish to remain current in a constantly changing age. As the Director of Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA), Kaywin encourages museums to let their staff get creative. Using examples such as their 100 year anniversary ‘Van Grow’ project, she makes a convincing argument.

I was struck by the variety of challenges, methods and outlooks being described on stage throughout the day. What they had in common however, was much more important. Whether staging participatory theatre, smashing the silo mentality often found in museums or experimenting with digital technologies, the visitor is always king. Creating dynamic conversation with museum visitors and engaging them on a personal level has become the cornerstone of the modern museum.  

What then, is ‘best practice’ for visitor experience in museums? Is there even such a thing anymore? Here at Acoustiguide, I have been lucky enough to be a part of answering this question – working in tandem with museums to enrich their visitor experience with innovative and immersive digital technologies and tours.

Hardly a bad job, eh?